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Desain Batu Alam Dinding Eksterior Rumah

The concept of home at this time are experiencing rapid growth, more diverse and full of innovation. Desire public fickle also a complement to its ascending and descending a trend the concept of home.

When the concept has been widely used and gandrungi by everyone, generally the trend is going to change just the opposite. In this decade, the trend of home so much in love is the kind of home-themed modern with a touch of his nature which is very minimal.

But after all the people implementing this concept, as has reached its saturation point, now started to bloom again the theme of the concept of natural home.

Harga Keramik Batu Alam Terbaru

The development of this natural concept does not mean a building will be met by the plant, but keep applying innovative concepts, to create a natural feel, generally some homes or residential buildings will use natural rocks.

The use of natural stone is often placed on the front gate, terrace walls and pillars of the front porch of the house. There was even placed on the wall inside the house. Of course, this natural stone has some kind of either of the form, nature and color. Harga Keramik Filter Terbaru These differences create variations in natural stone becomes more so it's easier to fit into place. Natural stone is mounted on the front fence of course be different to the one to be installed on the inside of the house.

Now, to add to our knowledge all of the kinds of natural stone, let us refer to the following reviews:
5 Design House Natural Stone Walls

a) Types of natural stone temples
From the name of course we have been able to have some idea, that this type of natural stone is one of the most widely used stone for making stupas, statues and temples. If we visit on a travel destination, we will often see statues or stupas and stone usually is a matter of making sculpture was ditempelin moss.

It is indeed a weakness of this type of rock, requiring extra care so that the stone temple is not susceptible to mildew.

b) Marble stone
These types of natural stone is one of the most frequently used. Cool marble stones create the impression of a room. So it would be more appropriate if installed on the inside of the house.

c) Stone coral
Coral often be used to enhance the look of the garden. Can be installed on the pool and terrace houses.

d) sandstone yogya
This natural stone has a softer texture, making it easier in the process of carving and formation. However, this natural stone has the disadvantage that are susceptible to mildew.

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